October 16, 2011


 “Ensure that your resume is up-to-date and highlight your skills and experience as they pertain to the job posting.”    Susan R. Crone, Recruiter, Myron Business Gifts
“In your resume, emphasize the specific part of your experience that suits the job you are applying for.”      Wagdi Tadros P.Eng., President, Pyramids Engineering
“Being dressed professionally helps to start the interview off on the right foot. Make sure your pants are pressed, your shirt is ironed and your shoes are polished.”  Helen A. Kvasnytska, MIRHR Senior HR Generalist, Ferrero Canada LTD
“BELIEVE in yourself as the solution provider they need...because you’ve done your homework and know that what you offer matches what they require.” Howard Timms, Professor, George Brown College
 “When interviewing your main focus should be your skills and values that you are capable of bringing to the organization. That will leave behind a positive impression and enhance your chances for selection.”                Kamal Joshi, Compensation Consultant, Rogers Communication
“Since past performance is the best predictor of future behaviour, it helps to tell stories and give concrete examples by describing the situation, how you handled issues and discussing positive outcomes.”  Judy Miller, Human Resources Manager, URS Canada Inc
 “With every interview, relax and clear your mind. If it is a match, then you will successfully secure the job; if not then you just met someone new.” Wenni Sukardi, HR Manager, COMDA
“Always bring your references and resume to any interview; don’t assume they will have a copy.” Laura Grassia, Staffing Manager,OfficeTeam
 “Ask for a business card at the end of the interview so that you can send a thank you letter or email.” Angelina Brathwaite, Senior Client Partner, Brunel
“Ensure your resume has correct spelling and grammar so that you get the right message across.” Diana Blaikie, Sr. Recruitment Consultant, NEXJ Systems Inc
 “Over prepare. Treat the interview like a final exam. Browse the website, see the press releases, learn as much as you can and plan how to answer questions where you could prove to the interviewer that you have the potential to contribute.” Shashi Krishan, Director of Human Resources, The Kingbridge Centre
“You can’t underestimate the value of networking and affiliations. The traditional ‘I saw a job posting so I’m going to apply for it’ doesn’t work anymore. It’s really
about you knowing people and people knowing you.” Ellen Austin, HR Business Partner, Business Development Bank of Canada
 “Work on your English language skills, both  verbal and written.” Tim Otton, President,Napier-Reid
“Prior to the interview be sure to go online and research the organization you are applying to. During the interview you may be asked what you know about the organization. You don’t need to know everything but enough to demonstrate that
you took the initiative to learn a little about the organization where you hope to work.” Caroline Taylor, Senior Specialist, HR Policy & Governance, MTS Allstream Inc
 “Clarify your personal and career priorities and goals before you begin your search. If these two things are not in sync with each other you will set yourself up for a lifetime of job changes and dissatisfaction. Employers love to hire people who know where they are going and why.” Lisa Titian, Sr. IT Recruiter and Account Manager, I.T. CONNEX

“Building networks is extremely helpful.Network internally but also network outside of your community.” Zahir Kassam, President and CEO, Aero Plastics Inc
 “Be positive, knock on every door because you never know where your next break will come from.”
Ashraf Zaghloul, CEO, NTG Clarity Networks Inc
“Companies look for initiative.Thoroughly research the company before you apply in order to tailor your cover letter. Definitely know the company inside and out prior to an interview. You only get one shot.”  Gail Zome, Human Resources Manager, Tenova Goodfellow Inc
 “If someone’s giving you a business card, take the opportunity to make that callsooner rather than later. If someone has reached out to you, be sure to follow up because they want to help you.” Chandra Williams, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Corporate Diversity, TD Bank Group
“Include all relevant work and volunteer experience on your resume and explain in a cover letter how your skills are transferable to the position for which you have applied.” Miriam Marcello, Placement Specialist, Human Resources,TTC
 “Smiling, having confidence, possessing a positive outlook and a bit of technical skills can help you win over the interviewer.” Natasha Khanna (CHRP), HR Manager, UView Ultraviolet Systems Inc
“Network, network, network in all areas of your life and be ready to explain in two minutes what your resume says.” Dolare Seran, Manager, HumanResources – Toronto Region, HKMB HUB International
 “Be positive, be prepared and be yourself.” Angela Agostino, Director,Human Resources, Pitney Bowes Canada
“Sending out a targeted resume that has been edited for the position and/or firm instead of a generic resume is a great best practice.” Sigma, HR Manager, Frontline

                                                                                                                          Source: ACCESS Annual Report